Free Alexa rank checker tool

Alexa page rank is an effective and accurate measure of your website's popularity relative to other sites on the internet. It is a representation of website traffic as per the Alexa tool bar and other sources. A tool that checks your website's Alexa page rank is helpful in ascertaining the traffic your website attracts and its value on the internet.

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To check Alexa rank online, all you have to do is enter your website's url into the given field and hit enter for instantaneous results. Your accurate Alexa page rank will be displayed on the screen. Your page rank according to Alexa is tabulated from a wide set of data collected from servers all over the world. Your rank might fluctuate over a time period, however, your traffic might still be the same. Since Alexa page rank is heavily affected by relative traffic on your website, it can cause variation in your rank even when there is no variation in your traffic.

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