Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process every search site uses which affects the visibility of a website or webpage in its search engine. The websites with a higher rank are displayed on the top slots of a webpage and SEO takes into account the functioning of search engines, what people searched for, the keywords typed by them into search engines and the search engine preferred by the target audience over the others, as an internet marketing strategy.

Google changes its search algorithm 500-600 times every year. Most of these are minor changes and bug fixes. Google introduces a major update every now and then to its search algorithm that affects search results in considerable ways. The latest Google SEO updates are:-

  • Google Hummingbird- The hummingbird update was brought out by Google on September 2013 which was designed to focus more on every word in a query. As a result, the whole sentence is considered rather than specific keywords. This is a fast, accurate and wonderfully precise update, staying true to the spirit of the bird it’s named after.
  • Google Panda Update- Panda Update was introduced by Google to eliminate low quality sites (that provides poor user experience) and give preference to high quality sites in the search results. The update works much like a filter does and effectively removes the websites with too much advertising. Many upgrades were subsequently carried out to improve the efficiency of Panda since its release in February 2011.
  • Google Penguin Update- Google released its Penguin update in April 2012. This was aimed at bringing the rankings of ‘spamming’ websites down. The expectations were pretty high from the successor of this update launched on October 2014, but it came out to be a very small update.
  • Google Pigeon Update- Pigeon is a recent update made by Google only in the US and there aren’t many details in the public domain about this update. It is entirely based on location parameters.
  • Google Pirate Update- Google rolled out its Pirate update in August 2012 to block sites with copyright reports that are filed via Google DMCA system. As is the case with the Panda update, Pirate acts like a filter, lowering the ranking of these law breaking piracy sites.
  • Google Payday Update- It was launched with an aim to filter out the search results of queries traditionally considered to be spam. For example, payday loan, pornographic queries and keywords with a high occurrence and concentration of spam.