WordPress vs. BlogSpot Which is better for SEO?

In the irresistible world of blogging, one is equipped with many options like Tumblr, WordPress and BlogSpot. The most frequently used one is WordPress or Blogger in the case of blogging. Bloggers who want to avoid technology hassles go for BlogSpot whereas the bloggers who like to use more features and power can opt for WordPress.

First coming to Blogger or the BlogSpot platform, it is extremely helpful if you only desire to initiate a blog and randomly share your thoughts. If you do not want to initiate a blogging space for money and you need a simple to use platform, BlogSpot is the best you can consider. With perks come some drawbacks too. BlogSpot is limited in terms of its SEO benefit and functionalities. On the whole, if you only desire a platform to initiate a blog space with no costs and high level technicalities you can go for BlogSpot.

WordPress is one of the most frequently used blogging websites. It has earned a name because it provides you with full control on your blog, and you can technically do anything you desire. There are some very cool things that WordPress lets you do unlike others. You get a full control on the SEO, you can host your own files and you can also add SEO plugins which will aid in making your blogs more SEO friendly. Not only this, you can always add the latest SEO techniques like authorship without sweating and initiate ratings.

If you are a kind of person who has been planning to develop a blog space, thinking of making it popular and making a fair amount of income from it then you must consider WordPress blog. If you are just an occasional writer and you don’t wish to get into technicalities, you can go for BlogSpot.