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What is a keyword?

A single word or a short phrase that encapsulates a website’s page or topic is a keyword. The more frequently a keyword is used by a website, the more power it has to draw traffic and customers to the website.

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What are keyword position tools?

A keyword position tool is designed to identify ranked pages on the internet with the particular keyword. Based on the rankings of these pages, the keyword rank can be ascertained. Businesses use keyword position tools to check keyword position in Google, keyword position in Yahoo and keyword ranking across major search engines. It often helps them determine what is working for them and what is not.

These tools scan through the results of search engines for the keyword that is fed into them and help you understand how your website or page fares in the online world. If you want your website to attract traffic, you need to put the right keywords in the right places, which should give a realistic picture of your website.

How to improve keyword position in Google

Apart from using a search engine positioning tool to improve your keyword position in Google, there are some easy steps you can take in the direction. Always choose your keywords with caution and after careful deliberation. Try to optimize with your website or web page for as little keywords as you can instead of using a long list of keywords. Engage your audience and customers through rich, quality content. Search engines have a way of knowing content rich websites that can hold a dialogue with the audience and reward such websites accordingly. You can always use a search engine position checker tool to test the effectiveness of these measures.

Checking keyword position with SEOWorld24x7

Seoworld24x7’s keyword research tool effectively extracts search engine rankings (Google, Yahoo etc.) for particular keywords to give you a fair idea of your website’s online visibility.

Use our SEO keyword ranking tool to ascertain your position across major search engines. You can select the page range you wish to check through multiple search engines. Just type in a keyword or phrase and out keyword search tool will show you how your website fares in comparison with the others. At SEOWorld24x7, you can keep a track of your keywords and constantly improve their rankings based on our result. We help you strive to get ahead of your competition with the help of our excellent keyword search tool.