Free text to code ratio checker

Text to code ratio, put simply, is that percentage of a web page or website that is textual content compared to the HTML code percentage. Search engines give higher rankings to websites with higher text to code ratio and hence, text to code ratio seo is an important seo tool. Search engines make extensive use of text to code ratio to calculate the relevance of a website and to assign it a ranking in its search results. Good search engines Google place emphasis on content and favour content driven websites and web pages.

To determine what is a good code to text ratio, we can look at the present industry average and ca say that a good ratio lies between 30 to 70 percent. HTML code elements include image tags and non-visible information. To optimize and create a page with a good text to code ratio, take steps like removing unnecessary code from the website, avoiding tabs, avoiding tables, removing unnecessary images, removing hidden text, including a good amount of plain text etc.

A higher text to code ratio increases a website's chances of getting a higher rank manifold. When it comes to search engine optimization, a higher ratio will give you an edge over your competitors. Use a reliable text to code ratio checker to determine your website's ratio.

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